Signature Series -Feathered Brown Trout - Size 2 - 1/6 oz.

Signature Series -Feathered Brown Trout - Size 2 - 1/6 oz.

SKU: F113111-2

Our size 2 Signature Series Brown Trout lure dessed with rooster feathers! The dressed hooks add a bit more movement, flash, and length to the lure. Hand tied right here at Flowstone.

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    A couple quick notes about these lures. The fraction marking engraved on each blade is stamped on by the manufacturer before painting and does not reflect accurate Flowstone lure weight. For example, this blade reads 1/8, but the actual lure weight is 1/6 oz. Also, there may be slight color variations between blades if you order multiple lures because of the painting process.

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