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Flowstone Signature Series Spinning Lure Brown Trout

Effective Everywhere

You can buy lures anywhere. We get that. So why choose Flowstone?

We are a small business owned and operated by a family who loves fishing.

Flowstone wasn’t formed out of a need to turn a profit, but as an extension of our passion for fishing. We simply love making lures and feel honored to have the opportunity to share them with you. Our greatest reward is seeing pictures of and hearing stories about the fish you catch with our lures! Each one is handcrafted with this in mind right here in rural Lanesboro, Minnesota.


We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

As our customer, you are the most important part of our business and we will treat you accordingly. If you need something or have questions or comments about anything, call or email Bret directly and he will take care of you personally. If you live locally, we will even deliver our lures to your door, or you can stop by our house to pick them up. Or, if you'd like, you can stop and see them before you buy. Can't find what you need? Request a lure you'd like to see!


We build high quality, effective lures.

Bret selects each component and assembles each lure himself. Most of our lures (other than size 1s and some in our Streamline Series) are made with .030” stainless steel shafts, which is thicker than most lure makers use. This makes our lures durable - kinked or bent shafts ruin their action. We also use high quality Mustad treble hooks on the majority of our lures.

The truth is, you won’t actually know the answer to “Why Flowstone?” for sure until you’ve seen our lures in person, held them in your hand, and ultimately fished them for yourself. Order a few and put them to the test!

*Read more about us in an article in the Fillmore County Journal!*

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